Alta '04

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Last night my sister and I took a Cat ride with Terry, one of our friends from Alta. Other than a little sport catting on Shush gully, the most exciting event of the night was Margot taking controls of the 300 horsepower PistenBully 300 Snowcat. By doing so, she became the youngest person to ever pilot one of Alta's cats. The next day we all proceeded to Park City with Terry. Getting there was quite entertaining; we had hired Ted's Taxi to take us. We got part one of Ted's life story, which was very entertaining (I'd say 50% fact, 50% fiction). Margot wanted to get some training in with the Rowmark team (One of the head coaches is a former student of my father's). While Margot was having a great time ripping up the GS (the same hill where the Olympic GS was held), we were exploring Park City. It was a cattle chorale at the bottom and most of the trails were cruisers. After skiing most of Park City by mid morning, I wasn't that impressed. Then we went back to Jupiter Bowl and had a blast. It felt like a tiny Alta, with an old Yan double chair tucked in the bottom of a bowl with the remnants of an old mine. With a smile now very present on all our faces we headed back to Alta and heard the second installment of Ted's life.