Wow, another whopping powder day. We skied at least 75% untracked. It was truly an honorable farewell. The picture of the day is from yesterday. About 10’’ of snow fell on the mountain today. Snow and cameras don’t agree.
As we are getting ready to leave I think of what makes Alta so wonderful. Of course the powder, but there is another thing that makes Alta truly unique. With our fast paced world, things change daily. We want things to happen now but at Alta it is different. We come here every year to ski, to enjoy some powder. While each place and experience is different the overall theme of Alta remains the same.
Every year we stay in the same room with the same furniture. The room even has the same quirks, the temperature will never go beneath 70 degrees, the matresses will make you a little sore in the morning. But these flaws are what make it so constant.
As each of us grows older and different, for better or worse, Alta remains little changed. It is a beat in the metronome of life. I think as I grow older I will treasure these moments even more than now. It is a part of me.