second day. June 15th.Hey, we've just concluded our very first full day in France. The day started out with Margot and me asleep on the plane, we were aroused at about 5:30 (French Time) and were stumbling out of the plane at 6:00. We found our way to the Metrostop, got on a train and within twenty minutes we had arrived at the apartment. We dropped off our bags, the apartment wasn't available until 1:30 so we went over to Notre Dame. It was AWESOME! After half an hour of observing the wonders of the church and getting beat up by all of the tour groups we decided it was time to go. We walked around a little but soon we were hungry so we dropped by a small food stand and bought some baguette sandwiches. After we were done we went to the Pompidou center, waited for half an hour in line and were finally admitted. By this time we were completely worn out both physically and mentally and it was around 1:30 so we went to our apartment and took a two hour long nap. When we woke up we went to the supermarket and bought some groceries. We decided that we'd go out to dinner, so at 7:30 we went to a restaurant we'd read good reviews about. The reviews were dead on the mark. The service wasn't exactly prompt, but it was worth the wait. We finally got home at 9:00 , had ice cream and plopped into bed.