third day. June 16 The main activity of the day would be going to the science museum. We got up at about 9:00am and got ready for the day. At about 11:00 we went to the nearest metro stop and hoped on a 4 train, after a few stops we switched to the 7 and after half an hour we arrived at the Science Museum. We got inside and spent about ten minutes figuring out which exhibits we wanted to go to ( You have to pay for them individually), then hopped on an escalator, tickets in hand. The first exhibit that we saw was on cars, the second on airplanes (Guess which gender picked these activities). At noon we braked for lunch, then after gassing up our stomachs we split up into groups, Lincoln & Ben, Margot& Heidi . The guys went to a technology exhibit, the girls to a film on Dolphins. After both having a wonderful time we met up and went outside to tour the submarine that was outside. When we were done with the submarine we took a look at the park that was behind the museum. We liked it quite a bit and after a little while there we decided it was time to book it (It was 5:00 by then) so we scampered home. We bought some dinner, went home and dove in. When we were done it was 8:30 so again we closed shop and started to slow down.