June 17. Day four. Hey, it's day four of our expedition and I'm enjoying every second of it. We had another one topic day today, the topic Versailles. We got up at the crack of dawn (At least for us 7:00am here is 1:00am in the US.) We then proceeded to the RER station and hoped onbord a train to Versailles. As we ventured into the suburbs our train car started being pelted by tiny pellets of rain. Then the train switched to another track and we were soon hurtled off our set course and into the unknown. We regathered our bearings and then got off at a stop two stops off course. We found the right platform for the right train, by this time it was raining cats and dogs. While we were waiting we had an interesting with an elderly French professor which mad the half soaking hour wait go much faster. Finally the train came, we boarded, and soon we were at the gates of Versailles. We went inside and were met with a scene that can only be described as a cattle pen. We soon were sucked in with the undertow and likewise through the rooms thereafter. Once in the battle gallery and finally found a nice spot to sit down and rest. Not so fast, soon a band of Japanese tourists grabbed Margot and me and took their picture with us. Don't ask me why, they just did it. Being dazed by the experience we sought refuge in the grounds and miracle of miracles the sun was breaking out. We scoffed down lunch and went to rent a bicycle. If you go to Versailles rent a bicycle we escaped from the mob, got some exercise, and saw many things we wouldn't have seen. After biking we stayed to watch the fountains go on. It was truly a experience that is like none other. We decided that it was time to go so we departed and to the train station and in half an hour we were home. We went out to dinner to the same place we had before and again had a wonderful time. Well it's 9:30+ so it's time to get some sleep ( Being a tourist is hard work you know) so I think I'll get to bed.