June 19th, Day 6. Another enjoyable day has passed in Paris. We've been to many a museum so far, but I think the one we went to today was my favorite. The Museum Orsay was a great building with great paintings. We aroused at about 8:30 and were ready to go by 10:00. We walked for about half an hour untill we came to the museum. We got in, again with our handy little museum card, and immediately went to the impressionist exhibit on the top floor. I really liked the paintings, especially those by Monet which showed country scenes. (The picture that I enclosed is from this room) We worked our way through the Degas, Van Gogh, and Renoir paintings. When finished we found our stomachs growling. We braked at a small cafe in the top in the top of the building with a very nice view of the city. We left the impressionist wing to look at some works of art nouveau and a model of the opera house. We got home, rested a bit, and called in reservations for a small restuarant near us. We got a seating for 8:00 (the earliest possible). We set off for the restaurant and were the first ones there for the evening. Service wasn't very prompt but it was worth the wait --the food was delicious.We ate a full three courses, and got home at 10:00, full but beat.