June 21st, Day 8 In the last full day in the City of Light it's nice to have a relaxing day, to wind up your stay and relax. We were still going full steam ahead and having a great time doing it. First off we went to the Museum Marmottan with its stock of impressionist paintings. When we were finished eating a wonderful breakfast we got on the metro and headed off to the museum at 9:30. We got there at about 10:00 and dove into the brilliant colors and strokes of impressionism. We went to the top floor first which had some other impressionist paintings, mostly by Monet's buddies. There were some good ones that I really liked. Then we went downstairs to the Monet exhibit. We saw the original Impression Sunrise, the painting that gave the impressionists their name. We also saw some really nice lilly pad paintings and one that I particularly liked of a rowboat.(They didn't permit cameras, so I couldn't get any pictures, but I got some postcards that I can scan in when I'm home) We had taken in all we could at 11:35 so we shoved off to go to the Bois De Boulogne, a huge 2100 acre park located a twenty minute walk away from the Marmotten museum. When we got there we went an got some lunch at a little stand and then rented some bicycles. These were great fun, we were afforded much more mobility than if we had gone on foot to look around. In the middle of the ride we spotted the Pony Club Of Paris, the closest thing I can compare my sister's and mothers reaction to is if I walked into a Mac Dealer. After a while my father and I resorted to repairing the broken headlight on my bicycle. After a two hour long ride we headed in and got on the Metro to go home. The Opera house was near our apartment so we got off there and took a peak inside. By this time we were beaten into the ground from having an endurance run of touristing. We walked to the apartment had a snack and went about preparing dinner. We ate at about 7:30 and then relaxed a bit. There was a party going on for the tenants in the courtyard so we headed down and mingled and chatted with the others in the building. We headed upstairs and sat down to relax, which I'm doing right now writing the days summary on Margot's iBook. It has been a great stay in Paris and I hope I come here again in my lifetime. Now it's time to go back to the rolling hills of Vermont and although I feel nice here home is where home is and it's time to go there.