Hey folks iit’s time for the first real report. We had to lift ourselves out of our jet-lagged beds. We had an interesting breakfast and then counquered the 1 foot square shower in our appartment. We set off a bit groggy and not in the best of moods. Our first destinaition was the Deutsches Museum of technology. We saw more machines than we had ever seen in one spot. The museum covered topics from aerospace to cars to bridgebuilding (and many more, all in amazing detail). It was absoulutely amazing to see some of the fighters that I had only read about. We saw the first real jet fighter, the ME-262, and saw one of three streamlined 30’s 328 BMW’s. It was very cool. We had lunch at the Mueseum’s resturaunt and observed the screaming teenagers running through various social gyrations. We had seen our fill of machines and we were ready for some peace and quiet. We took off for Nymphenburg, a good imitation of Versailles. We walked the entire canal on our already tired feet. We thought we had read that we could rent some bikes and ride around. But it turned out we couldn’t. Oh well. So we looked briefly in the main palace and then took off to look at the grounds (today’s picture is taken on one of these nice paths). We looked around at various different houses (they called them huts but they would be at home in the Hamptons). They were pretty cool and if you got over the gaudy decorations they were really nice spaces. After Nymphenburg we took off for our appartment. We found that there is a tram line stop right near Nymphenburg. It turned out that this tram line would put us within a stone’s throw of our apartment so after a brief wait we sank into the seats and went back.