Hey, It’s our last night in Munich. I can’t believe that we’ve been here for three days, although it seems about right. Today we took off first to the NeuePinakothek Museum. It was great, and we saw many great paintings. I think my favorites were the Monet paintings. I know I must have seen dozens of them in Paris but I just can’t get enough of them. The light and the colors are amazing. On top of the great paintings the Museum was wonderfully designed. It had some really beautiful spaces that just made you say “wow” out loud. When we had seen enough of canvas we went home via the trolley system. The trolleys here are great. It is a lot of fun and is also reasonably fast. The best part is when you are in the inner city and are actually flowing with the traffic. We got off and grabbed some lunch in the open air market near our apartment. After lunch we went and rented some bikes from the place that is also the internet cafe that we go to (it’s a pretty great place, the people are all laid back and speak English). We got our bikes and then vaulted onto the streets of Munich. The cool thing is that there are actually bike sections of the sidewalk. So we zoomed along on our bike section to the English gardens (including a beer garden that seats over 7,000 people). We rode on many paths and found that one of the main attractions was a river flowing through the park. The river was not just flowing-- it was roaring, almost white water. People would jump in and get swept away for the time of their lives. We then turned around and headed back to the bike rental place and turned in our bikes. Then dad and I went to the apartment and Mom and Margot went to see the giant moving glockenspiel in the town hall.