Today we took a whirlwind tour of Salzburg and then were on our way to Vienna. We got up at our hotel, had breakfast put everything in the car, checked out and went down an elevator inside the cliff to the old city of Salzburg. We got down and headed over to the formal gardens and then after a brief inspection we went over to the place where Mozart lived when he was 17 through 24. It was rather bizarre but interesting. We had some lunch at a small cafe and got our fair share of oom-pah-pah music from a band and headed to a fortress on another cliff overlooking the city. We walked around for 20 minutes and decided it was time to go to Vienna. So we took off for our car at the castle and were off to Vienna. We got to Vienna at about 6 and had a good dinner at a Italian cafe. We discovered that there is an Internet Cafe right across the street from us so I should be able to write every day.