We’re now screaming across Austria towards Hintertux. We started out the day by having a good breakfast at our Vienna Hotel. We got the car from the garage, loaded it up, and took off. I personally had expected to get lost as soon as we drove onto the street but by some divine miracle we made outside the city unscathed. We were now on the auto bahn, that’s right folks, the auto bahn with no speed limit. The engine had a good 300 miles on it so we could take it up 4000 rpm. I must say, it was not rare to hit 100mph and 80 felt slow. At this rate we got to the hill town of Piber sooner than expected. This is the place where the Lipizan horses are born and are taken in the off season. It is a very pretty town, and it actually is fairly reminiscent of Vermont. Even with a cold reception (it sounded like half the town died in WWII) we pressed on and eventually, after lunch, wound up on a German tour. It was interesting to see the foals, the studs, and the mares. At least they were friendly. After the tour we got into the car and took off. We went through some wonderfully curvy roads on the way to the highway. We took off on the highway for Hintertux. And that brings up to now (4:22). We don’t know where we’re going to stay but hey, that’s the fun of traveling around Europe at 100 miles an hour.