Today was our last day on the road. It was also one of the days of my life that I will remember for the rest of my life (ok, it’s a little dramatic but it’s true). First off we headed off to the Mercedes museum in Stugart. We had a bit of fun pulling into the Mercedes parking lot with a BMW. The museum was very nice and informative. I saw quite a few really nice cars. I guess my favorite was the 500sl (the gull wing). We had our lunch (the cheapest so far, imagine that!). We took the shuttle bus out to the parking lot, got in the car and went off for the Pistenbully plant. We got there and I was a happy camper. Pistenbully is the maker of the best Snowcats (groomers) in the world. We entered and were greeted by Harold Schmitt. We toured around the state of the art faculty. It was absolutely fascinating, we saw the assembly line, the testing shops, two new models, the storage garage (over 100 snowcats), and the painting stations. We saw it all. The place was almost deserted because the employees only work 30 hours a week in the summer compared to about 50 in the fall and winter. This was great because we could walk in and take a closer look at the different sections. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. After 40 minutes of fascination we said goodbye and took off for Augsburg. It has been a great trip, I am extremely lucky to do this, and I’m thankful for the experience. Thanks for enduring two weeks of e-mails, and for replying. While I couldn’t respond to them I really enjoyed them. All of us have enjoyed this trip immensely but we are ready to go home. It’s time.